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69 companies with a monthly marketing budget of $588,716 have pre signed-up.

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At Reviewhunt, you can spread impactful review content to hundreds of tech channels such as Reddit, Youtube, and Twitter by utilising over 20,000 blockchain-powered product influencers.


Current companies that are pre signed-up so far.

ID Name of Company Category Monthly Budget
72 Da*********s Blockchain $500.00
71 El******a Others $30.00
70 Vu********d Others $10,000.00
69 Re***a Photo and Video $3,000.00
68 Fo******** Advertising $1.00
67 Sw*********m Blockchain $1,000.00
66 Vi****** Photo and Video $1,000.00
65 Si****y Banking and Finance $112,518.00
64 3i****i Electronics and Gadgets $17,000.00
63 Sm****r Electronics and Gadgets $10,000.00

Custom content that penetrates Reddit, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and hundreds more

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HUNT is home to product early-adopters who have exceptional knowledge and passion for cool new products. Our blockchain-powered token economy enables you to utilise your influential power in your own channels and communities.


Our Hunters have Influence over

Reddit: 1,091,965 Karmas
Instagram: 550,750 Followers
Blogs: 459,341 Followers
Twitter: 178,509 Followers
Other Local Channels: 177,564 Followers
Youtube: 172,666 Subscribers
Twitch: 1 Followers

Over 20,000 Hunters join from Steemhunt - the biggest tech community in blockchain


Reviews. Reinvented.

Launch in July, 2019

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Community-based moderation system will protect you from abusers and low quality review content.
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Browse top hunters by performance, channel, and various other conditions.

Real token demands come from companies marketing budget

Reviewhunt is a one of a kind DApp that connects real product demands to token buying demands. Companies purchase review credit to utilise the influential power of strong hunters, and this demand will directly connect to the buying order via our partner exchanges. This will create a highly stable and nurturing token economy among all counterparts.